Q: What is Dance On Philly – A show? A dance party?

A: It is both!

The show? Think Soul Train or American Bandstand with some TikTok flavor. You can watch and it is interactive. The show includes the audience in the party and you can dance, learn and groove all the way through.

The dance party? Several times throughout the evening the DJ will lead the audience through longer segments dedicated to just getting everyone up and dancing!

Q: Do I have to sign up to watch?

A: No, but the benefits of signing up are:

  1. You get to watch others dance with your crew!
  2. They can watch you! It is the virtual equivalent of being at a nightclub. If you do sign up though and raise some money you will be helping two organizations who’s work is incredibly important to the fabric of arts and culture within the youth of Philadelphia.

    You can also just watch the show via our website for free and without any obligation the night of the show at DanceOnPhilly.com

Q: Do I have to dance?

A: No, you can simply watch, and hum along, or donate HERE and feel the Karma rise.

Q: How can I just donate?

A: Just click this link right HERE! Easy day! And thanks so much in advance.

Q: How do I get a private zoom room?

A: By signing up as a team HERE and clicking the “Sign Up To Dance” button. If you and your team raise $300 or more you are qualified for a private room! You will be notified via email when you reach that goal!

Q: Is it open to all ages?

A: Yes

Q: Do I have to watch the whole time? Can I come and go?

A: You can come and go as you please and the evening is broken up into pieces and parts that will help you decided what to watch, when to dance and for how long. You can see our schedule HERE.

Q: Do I ask people to sponsor me for a certain amount of time or in a lump sum?

A: As opposed to a traditional dance-a-thon, here friends and family (and even companies – maybe yours might match a donation!?) just chip in for the cause. It is not based on hourly commitment so you are able to set your own goals and fundraise towards your personal goals of the night.

Q: Where does the money go? Who does it benefit?

A: All proceeds go to Musicopia and Dancing Classrooms Philly which provide music and dance education and enrichment activities to thousands of Philadelphia area school children each year. Their work is part of the very fabric of the music and arts sector of Philadelphia.

Q: Being that this is an all age event, what precautions have been taken to ensure the safety and privacy of all attendees?

A: 1. All of our zoom rooms will have a moderator. In private zoom rooms it is up to the team captain to be the moderator. These rooms are private and only able to be accessed by a link provided by the team captain. In the main dance floor, we will have a moderator overseeing the entire show to ensure no attendee is inappropriate during the show. IT IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE DANCE ON PHILLY TEAM TO REMOVE ANY ATTENDEE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON THE TEAM DECIDES ACTIONS ARE UNFIT TO BE PART OF THIS FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT.

2. All attendee personal information is kept secure in our donation and sign up process and database.

Q: What do I do if I have trouble getting in?

A: You can either email: danceonphilly@gmail.com OR call: (267) 990-7632 for customer service.

Q: Who is 30Amp and what is their involvement?

A: 30Amp is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health, wellness and professional needs of Philadelphia based musicians and artists of all genres. They produce events for other non-profits like this event!


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